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Since 1999, David has delivered exciting, content-rich motivational presentations in over 30 countries and 71 cities worldwide.

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Leadership Development & Teambuilding Solutions

Your short time together as a leadership team at a retreat is immensely valuable.Let David help you improve team habits and deliver REAL return on investment...

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  • "I thought your presentation in Bangkok was a real “show-stopper”...glad I went first! The crowd was really taken by your presentation...standing ovation...inspired. Ben said, “We will never forget David’s presentation!"
    Jim Kelso
    Jim Kelso
    Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific
    International Planning Group
  • "What makes David unique is the authenticity of his message, to the point that he is the message himself. An inspiring life full of curiosity, passion and drive shared with humility and willingness to engage. I thoroughly recommend him."
    Carlos Barrasa
    Carlos Barrasa
    Europe & Asia Pacific Sales Director at British Petroleum
  • "There is a very big difference in a speaker who entertains and one who truly motivates. David is by every measure the true motivator. His ability to share his own experiences in way which personalises it for every person in the audience is unique and will ensure that his impact on us is long term."
    Paul Henaghan
    Paul Henaghan
    Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific and Japan
    ACI Worldwide
  • "Choosing external speakers for a group workshop is often "hit and miss". In this case with David it was a definite "HIT"."
    Michael Gourlay
    Michael Gourlay
    CEO, MSIG Insurance (Singapore)


Far beyond just a speaker with a good story, David is a certified motivational and teambuilding facilitator; with a deep understanding and application of real-life expertise to help teams and leaders do better

David Lim on how to motivate a team




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