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Mountain To Climb (Special Edition Soft Cover)


MOUNTAIN TO CLIMB, is a book by David Lim, leader of Singapore`s 1st Mt Everest Expedition in 1998.

MOUNTAIN TO CLIMB: THE QUEST FOR EVEREST AND BEYOND (2nd, edition) is Singapore’s top-selling adventure epic, now back in print after a sold-out first run. This revised edition contains:

  • Two new maps
  • 20 additional photos
  • A new chapter on the team eight years after the landmark climb
  • A reprint of the Readers Digest magazine cover (Aug 2001) story on David Lim’s comeback climb in 2000.


From 1994, David Lim planned and led a series of mountaineering expeditions in preparation for the eventual Mt Everest climb in 1998 which succeeded after a nail-biting series of setbacks and mishaps. One week after the team`s triumphant return, he was stricken with the rare and mysterious nerve disorder, Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Within days, he was near death as the disorder paralysed virtually all his limbs and shut down his respiratory system. Speechless, unable to swallow or move and racked with virulent forms of pneumonia, he endured a “hellish” six weeks in an intensive care unit before stabilising. He spent six months recovering in hospital, including a rehabilitation process in which the re-learning of simple tasks such as writing, dressing and walking were enormous challenges compared to the Everest climb.

MOUNTAIN TO CLIMB is a first-person narrative of the story behind Singapore`s quest for Everest; the failures, heartbreak and sacrifices behind one of Singapore`s greatest sporting achievements. It is a study of, not only an Everest expedition, but also about how a team is formed, and goes from infancy to adulthood.

230 pages, 100 photos, 32 colour plates. ISBN:981-05-2742X
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